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There are more important things than exercise we can do to bring awareness to a tragic death.
It is time to put a common fitness myth to bed - endurance is not a dirty word.
A lot has changed since I first competed in the CrossFit Games. These days, a good coach is a must.
It is time for those with big ambitions to understand what they are getting into. If you are all good with these seven questions , then you're ready to go.
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There are many reasons why rest during workouts can be a valuable element of your programming, and not just a break from it.
Use this checklist to determine the quality of your current CrossFit gym (and if you need to make a change).
CrossFit will never not do the American swing. It fits their maths, so it’s going to be done. But that doesn't mean you have to do it.
Historically, the Ten Commandments set out the laws on how you should live and treat others in your community.
We can't replicate Froning's genetics or his lifestyle, but we can definitely replicate his strategy.
As a box owner or an athlete, it is your responsibility to keep things constantly varied (and not random) to keep athletic progress moving.
Some Teen and Master's CrossFit Athletes have found themselves unfairly sidelined from the next round due to abrupt changes from HQ.
How do you tell Jo Average that she has zero to no hope of making it to the CrossFit Games?
This WOD is all about how efficient you are with thrusters. Period.
What are the best ways to get a little rest during a metcon, yet make sure your coach doesn’t yell at you?
CrossFit HQ denies responsibility for the events that led to Kevin Ogar's devastating injury, but the evidence isn't as clear-cut.
When your idea of competitive advantage breaks the rules, it is time to rethink your strategy.