Ben O'Malley


Ben O'Malley
Injury rehabilitation

Ben is a full time personal assistant to Adrian, who has an acquired brain injury. Ben is also part of the coaching team at CrossFit Lutterworth, and founder of the Monkey Box. Through the Monkey Box, he has recently set up an all-inclusive CrossFit competition, the Scale the Heights Throwdown.


The Monkey-Box is a project that uses functional movement training to aid neurological adaptations under adverse circumstances. The project combines Ben's years of experience supporting people with brain injuries and mental health conditions, with functional movement training to enable people who have complex needs. The project is completely unique and draws support from the wider CrossFit community. Ben travels the UK giving seminars to CrossFit coaches and athletes about the work he undertakes through the Monkey-Box as part of the "Improving Brains and Making Gainz Tour".


Ben considers the pursuit of improving functional movement as the primary catalyst for enhancing both physical and mental work capacity. Through his coaching, Ben uses the basic principles of Olympic lifting and gymnastic techniques as tools to improve people’s capabilities both inside and outside of the gym environment. Community is an extremely important component of the Monkey-Box approach that works towards bringing all abilities to quality coaching regardless of athletic ability.