Cj Swaby


Cj Swaby
Strength and Conditioning

Cj Swaby is a Coach, Strength Athlete, Educator and Writer. He operates out of the notorious Villain Barbell Club in North London.


As an internationally repected coach, he has featured at some of the largest fitness expos in Europe, and has delivered strength workshops and seminars to world class athletes and gym warriors alike.


Cj writes for a number of publications, and regularly releases his own health and strength podcast. You'll find him testing and applying his knowledge in strongman competitions too. 


He believes that our greatest human potential is achieved when our mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. As such, mind management for performance is a key feature of his coaching style, along with creating a solid health foundation to upgrade physical performance.


He lives by the principles of "Your body, your mind, your rules." Create your own path, and question everything - especially what you already believe.