Stuart Tomlinson


Stuart Tomlinson
Martial Arts
Kickboxing and Boxing
Muay Thai

Stuart Tomlinson has been involved in the UK Martial Arts scene for over twenty years. In that time, he has trained extensively in freestyle karate, kickboxing and muay Thai. Stuart lived in Europe from nineteen years old for over two years, training mainly in Holland and France at dedicated K1/muay Thai gyms. Although predominately from a striking background, he has also spent time training Brazilian jiu jitsu, freestyle wrestling, and mixed martial arts.


A huge fan and advocate of all martial arts disciplines, he has run a full time martial arts gym for the past eight years. In that time has also been leading force behind the groundbreaking Takedown MMA Event series as well as having been the creator of the dedicated online resource Warrior Collective.


He currently mixes his time between coaching, travelling, film-making and writing. You can see more of his past and present work on the Warrior Collective YouTube channel.