Incorporating yoga in to your current athletic programming is an excellent performance and mobility enhancer. The practice of yoga has evolved over thousands of years.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used to assess body fat for many years. The BMI is number calculated using weight and height.
Take extra rest days even when you feel great and think you don’t need them. Try taking off at least 5-7 days if you are feeling the effects of over-training.
Balance ability is a fundamental aspect for a number of sports that require kicking, running, changes of direction, and jumping.
Patellar tendonitis (PT) also known as "jumper's knee" is a recurrent cause of chronic pain in the knees of athletes.
Recent research examined the influence of sport specific training on bone mass and relative strength in short and long distance runners.
New research in the Institute of Training Science and Sport Informatics, examined the effects of popular graduated compression stockings on running performance.
Dial-in on the coaching cues that work for you in order to be your own best trainer.