Healthy Eating

An increasing number of athletes seem to be using the paleo diet to fuel their performance. Here's a bit of info about what paleo is - and isn't.
Flexible dieters don't just eat junk food and they can eat healthy. I'm here to bust the crazy Internet myths about IIFYM.
If you find you are not getting faster and are tired, don’t automatically blame your training.
Why do we reach for certain foods during times of anguish? The answer lies in our endorphins.
I was burning up this weekend and needed to cool off, so I came up with this sorbet. The results are astoundingly simple and refreshingly tart.
Carbs aren’t the devil and there is no need to avoid them. They might even make you faster.
Approximately 67% of Americans are classified as overweight and obese. But the rate of mood disorders are also increasing.
As trainers, we eat bars to energize workouts or as meal replacements and we sell clients the same bill of goods.
Mushrooms are nutritional beasts. Could they be part of the formula for chronic disease prevention and longer life?
People with high lipid levels are often told to reduce dairy intake. Does it actually help?
The research clearly states that low calorie dieting has the potential to negatively affect our health.
Research suggests individual variances in metabolism might make a significant difference in which diet works for you.
I recall being bewildered when a bar manufacturer's representative gave me complimentary samples of bars ”made with real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”
Did you know there's no such thing as undenatured whey protein? Or that most protein comes from the same place?
A recent research review sought to eliminate any confounding variables that create bias in supplement studies.
Some products only work in specific windows and some just work better at certain times of day. Let’s take a closer look at the timing of our supplements.
While bone broth and soups are great, you may want to switch it up and include these gummies to supplement gelatin in your diet.