I’ve coached boxing and muay Thai for some time now and this much I can tell you - people like offense. Unless one is a glutton for punishment, they typically don’t want to practice getting hit.
We like to have rules in our sports, even in fighting. But a good fighter knows when to follow the rules and when to break them. As it is in fighting, such it is in life...and all other sports, too.
Gameness. Pit bulls have it. Great athletes have it. Do you have it? What is it really, to be "game." Is it based in anger or in love? Let's look at boxing, dog fighting, and more to explore the idea.
This week martial art superstar Michael Jai White and MMA fighter Kimbo Slice talk about boxing technique and how to properly throw a punch.
How do you pick the martial art that's right for you? Guest writer Kendall Giles gives us an outline of what to consider and how to find the perfect art for you.
In MMA and boxing, padded gloves and headgear are designed to lessen the forces encountered, primarily those resulting from linear acceleration, but what about other types of impact forces?
When most people work a heavy bag they hit it WAY too hard, resulting in injuries to the shoulders and body, rather than getting good practice.
Holding pads in boxing is not only important, but it's a lot of fun...when done properly! Learn how to do it safely and with good technique.
You know MMA consists of wrestling, submissions, and striking - but do you know the difference between the various styles of striking? What makes Muay Thai and kickboxing different?
Sometimes people are nervous to try shadowboxing for warm up because they are afraid they don't know how. In this video, coach Traver Boehm walks us through a great shadowboxing routine.