The coverage of Toomey's performance in the 58kg division was published earlier today.
Believe in yourself, start small, and take your first steps to your best rowing yet.
Simplicity isn't sexy, but it's the only "weird trick" you need to know.
Just because an exercise or protocol isn't for you, doesn't give you license to berate everyone who does it.
The Open season is upon us. Follow these rules and embrace the fun of kicking ass – legitimately.
What I’ve come to discover is an entirely new dimension of training, with profound value for those who pursue and coach performance.
I was excited about a CFHQ event in a unique area of strength and skill. Turns out, it was just another CrossFit competition.
I wonder why so little attention is paid to rowing as a skill, compared to Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.
Imagine if we could increase the quality of your training by 5-10 percent just by improving your warm up.
Most of the time, we’re physically able to shift the metal. We fail because we psych ourselves out.
Will affiliates stop at nothing to design and recruit the best super team for the CrossFit Games?
The system is only the system if we continue to operate within its confines.
Gender politics are a deeply complex and entrenched system that will require intent to unravel. In CrossFit, change starts with our female athletes.
"Sex sells” is nothing new, but why have so many women in the CrossFit world seemingly bought into that idea?
CrossFit can call Rich Froning anything they want. In reality, it means nothing.
Success in the gym is all about having a positive attitude about yourself, your abilities, and your ability to keep pushing.
There are more important things than exercise we can do to bring awareness to a tragic death.