functional fitness

The coverage of Toomey's performance in the 58kg division was published earlier today.
You know these. I know you know these. So start doing them.
The responsibility for creating a positive competition environment falls on the spectators, judges, and competitors.
Your 1-rep max bench press is not going to save you.
The Open season is upon us. Follow these rules and embrace the fun of kicking ass – legitimately.
Developing these functional patterns will pay dividends in everything else.
With the Games season approaching, let’s examine three movements that need to go away and three more to introduce this year.
I was excited about a CFHQ event in a unique area of strength and skill. Turns out, it was just another CrossFit competition.
I wonder why so little attention is paid to rowing as a skill, compared to Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.
Throwing up occasionally is okay. Celebrating it is not.
Will affiliates stop at nothing to design and recruit the best super team for the CrossFit Games?
The system is only the system if we continue to operate within its confines.
Gender politics are a deeply complex and entrenched system that will require intent to unravel. In CrossFit, change starts with our female athletes.
"Sex sells” is nothing new, but why have so many women in the CrossFit world seemingly bought into that idea?
CrossFit can call Rich Froning anything they want. In reality, it means nothing.
These unique, minimalist exercises will help you develop full-body strength and power.
Shaving reps and doing incomplete movements is common in CrossFit WODs, so what is the motivation behind this behaviour?