shoulder mobility

Find out how to take care of your most complex series of joints to improve your lifting and overall shoulder health.
These exercises will build the foundation for lifting heavy weight overhead.
The shoulders and upper back are common areas of built-up tension. Use this stretch to mobilise them.
With a few exceptions, most shoulder injuries are not the rotator cuff’s fault. It is just a victim.
The hanging ninety-ninety stretch is a great way to incorporate shoulder rehab in your daily training.
Increase flexibility, lessen stiffness, and improve ROM with these daily exercises for achy shoulders.
It may seem tedious, but working on shoulder stability and mobility will prevent all-too-common shoulder injuries.
To reduce shoulder pain, especially in the overhead press, stretch the surrounding areas.
Perform this stretch regularly on both shoulders to fight stiffness and ward off injuries.
These five simple lacrosse ball exercises will get your shoulders feeling top-notch.
What follows are simple hands-on tests that can determine where your injury lies.
These articles questioned existing mobility trends and showcased new methods you might not have heard of.
Combat your slumped, sitting posture with this easy and effective exercise.
In order to prevent a nasty shoulder injury and to increase your weight on the bar, you need to have shoulder stability and mobility first.
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