When it comes to planning your training: adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.
What separates elite athletes from the rest is their investment and belief in their own success.
We need to stop playing along with traditional ideas of periodisation because we don’t want to appear stupid.
You know these. I know you know these. So start doing them.
Tired of chalking up the same weights? We've all been there. Follow these strategies to get back on track in training.
You have to lay unbreakable groundwork to construct your best athletic self.
If you are a novice lifter or looking for quick results, save both your time and your money and wait until you’re ready to focus.
These tools are classics - timeless gems in the ever-changing, overcomplicated world of strength and fitness.
Success in the gym is all about having a positive attitude about yourself, your abilities, and your ability to keep pushing.
These slow kicking drills will enable the development of greater precision and muscular control.
Get ready to push yourself to get big and strong like Bobby Maximus with these classic workouts.
While a week off on holiday might be good for you, if you take two weeks off you’ll need a month to get back to where you were.
Getting the best results isn't about going to the extreme.
It is time for those with big ambitions to understand what they are getting into. If you are all good with these seven questions , then you're ready to go.
Pushing your mental and physical limit is the only way to realise your greatest potential.
Many golfers buy new equipment or get lessons to improve their game, but often the problem isn't lack of skill or bad equipment, but the body’s physical limitations. Let's fix that!
Narrowing your training focus and mastering fundamental movements can lead to big progress.