training plan

What if you could get all the strength, speed, and power work you need with one single set of one exercise, one day a week?
You won’t answer your fitness problems with a convenient list. You need a change in your intention.
Fitness goals change as you age. Address your deficiencies and diversify your fitness programme for life-long health.
A scientific approach is invaluable in understanding how to reach your goals and take control of your own training.
The short explanation of PTP is that if you lift something heavy, you will be able to lift more for a five- or six-rep set afterwards.
When the balance between stimulus and recovery is lost, supersets can become an unnecessary danger.
This is the third and final 12-week training cycle as you approach race season.
At the end of this final week of the challenge, you will achieve one successful tuck pop up.
This week, you will improve on your low forearm pull ups on your way to the full tuck pop up.
This week, you will master multiple forearm pull ups on your way to the full tuck pop up.
Looking for a challenge to launch yourself to the next level? Master this essential, but challenging bodyweight movement.
Understanding the energy systems you are using will improve your cycling performance.