Learn the Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, One Arm Swing and Turkish Get Up with in-depth video tutorials, tips, and skill-building exercises.
From kickboxing to muay Thai, the overhand is an important weapon in any fighter’s arsenal.
Take a lesson from Bruce Lee's system of martial arts to become a more dominant fighter.
An opponent’s unfamiliarity with wrist locks and how to defend them adds an element of surprise to your submission game.
It is important to nullify an aggressive fighter's attack to stay in control during a fight.
These slow kicking drills will enable the development of greater precision and muscular control.
Regain balance from left to right with these three easy and feel-good exercises.
Use Josh Henkin's sandbag exercise to train healthy hip movement patterns and strengthen your muscles to alleviate back pain.
If yor spine feels a bit out of whack, these simple exercises will help get you coordinated.
These simple back extension exercises will make your hamstrings more agreeable to stretching.
For every exercise, the outcome is determined by the set up. Logan Christopher shows you techniques to kick up into a stable freestanding handstand.
The sled is an excellent tool to strengthen this crucial body part from different angles.
Don't let tight hips and glutes keep you from moving freely in your workouts or other activities.
The three exercises in this video are designed to improve posture by reducing rotation and neutralising the pelvis.
A common myth is that running is bad for your joints because it is high impact and leads to joint wear and tear.
Commonly used mobility techniques are too short and intense to allow for changes in the thoracic portion of the spine.
Increase flexibility, lessen stiffness, and improve ROM with these daily exercises for achy shoulders.