Healthy Eating

An investment in your health and wellness is always time well spent. But we only have so much of it to spend.
Use these proven scientific strategies to navigate your seasonal eating this year.
This simple screen will help you determine whether gluten is the true problem behind your digestive discomfort.
If my goal is to get stronger, I must appreciate the strength more muscle gives me.
If you are training to become a high-performance athlete, you had better be eating for it, too.
Give yourself permission to take control of your life. These are the life-changing steps I used to successfully recover from my eating disorder.
No matter what diet dogma you might read about, nothing will ever refute the reality of caloric balance.
This variation on an everyday snack is a great protein and fat hit, packed with flavour, and full of nutrients.
Most so-called lean burgers have little flavour. This recipe will show you how easy an awesome tasting burger can be without the fillers.
This recipe is decadent, creamy, and completely dairy-free. I know it seems impossible, but it's true.
By using these tactics, we’re using your body’s normal functions intelligently to feel awake, think clearly, and sleep hard.
The following four recipes will simplify your meal planning and promote workout recovery.
When it comes to your sport, diet is a big piece of the puzzle. But that doesn't mean it has to be complicated.
Creating a plan and anticipating challenges can help you navigate the path toward success.
This recipe is colourful, nutritious, and tasty comfort food at its best.
These nutrient-dense nibbles will support your workouts and help your body perform optimally.
Here’s how you can have your cake (and ice cream and burgers) and eat it, too - without sacrificing your social life or fitness goals.