Cold As Ice: 12 Weeks to Brute Strength In Ice Hockey

Conor Doherty

Guest Contributor

Dryden, Canada

Hockey, Soccer


Week 6: Day 1

A. Front Squat (5x1)x5 cluster sets



B. DB Step Up 3x6


C1. Bar Rollout 2x10

C2. Glute-Ham Raise 2x8


D. Single Leg Squat to Box 2x10


Week 6: Day 2

A1. Incline Bench Press (5x1)x5

A2. Weighted Pullup (5x2)x5


B1. DB Bench Press 3x6

B2. DB Row 3x6


C1. Cable Backhand 3x12

C2. Standing Zottman Curl 2x10


Week 6: Day 3

A. Broad Jump 5x5


B. Deadlift 4x5


C. DB Reverse Lunge 3x6



D. Pallof Press 3x10 per side


Week 6: Day 4

A. Speed Bench Press 8x3 @45% 1RM


B1. Close-Grip Bench Press 3x5

B2. Neutral Grip Row 3x5


C1. Inverted Row 3x10

C2. Scapular Pushup 3x15


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