Cold As Ice: 12 Weeks to Brute Strength In Ice Hockey

Conor Doherty

Guest Contributor

Dryden, Canada

Hockey, Soccer


Week 10: Day 1

A. Front Squat 5 singles >90%



B. Speed Deadlift 8x1 @65% 1RM


C. Barbell Reverse Lunge with Front Grip 3x8


D. Pallof Press 3x8 per side


Week 10: Day 2

A. Close-Grip Incline Press 5 singles >90% 1RM


B1. Decline Close-Grip Bench Press 3x8

B2. Prone Grip Row 38


C1. DB Hammer Curl 3x12

C2. Mountain Climbers 3x12


Week 10: Day 3

A. Box Squat: 8x2 @ 55% 1RM


B. Glute-Ham Raise: 3x5


C. DB Forward Lunge: 3x5



D. Single Leg Squat to Box: 3x10

D2. Bar Rollout (knees on 4 inch box): 3 x 12


Week 10: Day 4

A. Speed Bench Press 8x3 @50% 1RM


B1. Close-Grip Barbell Floor Press 3x5, 1x7

B2. Neutral Grip Pullup 3x5


C1. One-Arm DB Row 2x10

C2. Close Grip Pushup 2x10


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