The double kettlebell swing will generate enthusiasm in your training by focusing on new skills.
Stabilise your core and build an ideal posture for squat movements with these simple progressions.
These movements won't get you more Instagram followers, but they will keep you fit until the final whistle of the season.
Challenge your core and maximise your pushing strength with these scaled and advanced push up variations.
GPP training keeps you healthy, injury-free, and away from boredom. Tailor a programme to suit your needs with this simple template.
Follow these progressive anaerobic and aerobic interval drills to keep you fast and fit this season.
Perform these gentle movements to restore function and return fighting fit in your sport.
Go sub-maximal in the strength room this season to see major benefits on the pitch.
These workouts will offer you good fat loss results with a minimal time commitment.
This programming has been designed for the beginner to train for a sprint distance triathlon; however, anyone can use it.
From beginners facing the PFT for the first time to advanced trainees looking to ace the test for a special unit, Stew Smith has created an adaptable yet focused four- to twelve-week program for you.
This is the third and final 12-week training cycle as you approach race season.
This six-month program uses an intelligent progression incorporating injury-proofing, strength, stamina, and toughness training.
Build on your athletic base to push yourself beyond your limits in this free 12-week program.
This is a twelve week sport specific program designed for rowing. The goal of this program is to increase strength and power while also preventing injury.
Cycle one builds a foundation for basic dance technique and functional fitness skills.
This cycle of the Creative Movement workout will focus on building intermediate skills and improving barre technique.