This cycle of the gymnastics workout program concentrates on upper body and core strength with some unilateral leg exercises worked in.
This cycle of the beginner workout will focus on the basics of building a successful fitness program. Journey into a renewed healthy lifestyle as you develop a new fitness routine and have fun.
Follow this 12-week program and begin to master the basics of the kettlebell while developing stronger movement patterns.
Follow this cycle of Strongman workouts to improve explosive strength and increase your max lifts.
Whether you are looking for explosive strength, the ability to lift heavy for multiple reps, or to increase your max lifts, strongman is a fun and effective training method.
This cycle aims to improve strength, endurance, and general fitness. A variety of exercises and exercise prescriptions are used for to achieve these goals.
This 12-week cycle of Breaking Muscle gymnastics workouts increase your strength and flexibility while boosting muscular endurance.
This cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts is a unique 24-week fitness program. Weeks 1-12 focus on winning a Master's swimming event. Weeks 13-24 emphasize winning a 5k run event.
The goal of these workouts is to begin the slow process of healing after a c-section. They are intended for women who are still in the first eight weeks of recovery post-cesarean.
These workouts combine kettlebell swings, bodyweight core movements, and yoga sequences.
Mommy and me workouts are functional, effective training routines you can do with little ones running around.
Ready to sweat yoga workouts are rigorous sessions that will have you moving, getting stronger, and sweating with yoga sequences and strength training.
During this 28-day phase of the Fertility Cycle you will learn to optimize your fertility by adjusting your exercise routine based on where you are in your cycle.
This 12-week cycle of bodyweight workouts focuses on developing balance and strength with the use of one-limbed movements.
The workouts in this 12-week cycle will be twenty minutes or less, with plenty of time to focus on flexibility, agility, and recovery.
This cycle of the bodyweight workout will focus on holds, strength, and flexibility using arm balances, inversions, and deep flexibility work.
The following program is a sample of one week’s training designed to practice girevoy sport training.